Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Round-Up of Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) Events (March 29th - April 5th)

Submitted by Ryan Barnett 04/05/2010

The Web Hacking Incidents Database, or WHID for short, is a Web Application Security Consortium project dedicated to maintaining a list of web applications related security incidents. WHID goal is to serve as a tool for raising awareness of the web application security problem and provide information for statistical analysis of web applications security incidents.

The following incidents where added to WHID last week:

WHID 2010-46: Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has online account hijacked through as part of underground group's publicity bid.

WHID 2010-47: Court papers: JC Penney was hacking victim

WHID 2010-48: Hackers brute force their way into website containing names, credit card numbers

WHID 2010-49: Hackers pluck 8,300 customer logins from bank server

WHID 2010-50: Shared-password vulnerability may have exposed personal information in online account management system

WHID 2010-51: Woman worms into D.C. taxpayer accounts

WHID 2010-52: 3000 Small Dog Electronics customers' credit card details compromised

WHID 2010-53: Google says Vietnam political blogs hacked

WHID 2010-54: hack results in false charges on customers’ cards

WHID 2010-55: Drudge Report accused of serving malware, again

WHID 2010-56: Facebook Flub Leaks Private E-Mail Addresses

WHID 2010-57: Web security under attack from ads in prominent advertising programs

WHID 2010-58: China journalist club shuts website after attack

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