Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New 4-day "Web Application Defender Cookbook LIVE" class at BlackhatUSA 2014

Registration is now OPEN for my new, updated class based on my book.  Here are some comments from past students who participated in the 2-day version of the class at the recent OWASP AppSecUSA 2013 conference in New York:

  • I learned more in 2 days than I would have in weeks on my own. The class was definitely worth it. Ryan Barnett is a great educator, and an amazing security resource. 
  • It will take me some time to process all of the valuable information and am glad I was able to walk away with his book!
  • I liked learning about different threats to a web application and how I can see them. I liked that the class had extensive labs, and some higher level content.
  • I enjoyed the hands on labs and the self paced nature of the entire course.
  • I’m glad I chose your class instead.  The material was presented clearly and it was great working through the examples with you available for answering questions.  I was really happy with the ratio of lecture to labs.  It gave us a good amount of hands-on time.  Also, besides having the book as a take-away, we had VMs to look at and work through once back at our office.  I can immediately put to use what I learned in the class.  My only issue was having the length of the class be only 2 days.  I would assume it was a constraint of the conference schedule.  If it class could be expanded to 3 or 4 days, it would be fantastic.  I really appreciated your relaxed teaching style and eagerness to answer our questions.

Hope to see you all in Las Vegas!