Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Round-Up of Hacked Websites (Monday, Feb. 15)

Submitted by Ryan Barnett 02/15/2010

- 'Jersey Shore' star's website 'hacked' - Most likely compromised passwords on Facebook/Yahoo accounts.

- Federal government website hacked - Seems to be some hacktivism protesting proposed Internet filtering. Not sure of any details of the exact attack vector.

- Prominent Blog hacked - site is and based on the 500 level error and "Error establishing a database connection" message it looks like the attackers messed up the back-end DB connection.

- Armenian Agos Newspaper's Website Hacked - defacement/hacktivism.

- Orange Regional Website Hacked, Sixty thousand accounts compromised - sql injection.

- TCS website hacked - most likely DNS poisoning/Domain Hijacking.

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